Adam Tomasi

World History PhD Student

Northeastern University, Boston, MA

Contact:, 781-424-1581


Northeastern University:

  • First-year PhD student in the World History Program; research interests: social movements, twentieth-century United States history, “US and the world”
  • Teaching assistant for Intro to Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, Fall 2019
  • Intending to complete certificates in Digital Humanities and Public History
  • Submitted “The Contested Meanings of “Shays’ Rebellion Day”: Silvio Conte and Ronald Reagan in 1986” to the “Shays’ Rebellion: Perspectives on History” Symposium, Springfield, MA (Spring 2020)

Wake Forest University:

  • BA in History and Communication, 2019
  • Student Ambassador for the History Department, Fall 2018
  • Received the W.J. Cash Award for Writing in Southern History, Spring 2019
  • Successfully defended an Honors Thesis titled “Cornelia Crenshaw and Black Freedom in Twentieth-Century Memphis, Tennessee”
  • Phi Alpha Theta (national history honor society) member since Spring 2018


Digital History/Digital Humanities:

  • Taking “Texts, Maps, and Networks: Methods and Readings in Digital History” with Dr. Cameron Blevins, Fall 2019
    • Introductory experience with the following tools: Python, Voyant, Tableau, WordPress, Omeka, and Audacity
    • Forthcoming final project:

“Text Mining and Visualizing the Works and Letters of Emma Goldman, Anarcha-Feminist”

Research and Writing:

  • Published an article with Public Seminar, an online magazine of The New School for Social Research, titled “In Praise of Clicktivism” (May 2019)
  • Nine years of competitive debate experience in high school and undergraduate leagues
    • Crafted and researched arguments on all sides of topics including: US military presence, climate policy, healthcare reform, executive power, applied ethics
    • Two-time Atlantic Coast Conference Debate Champion, three-time ACC finalist, the ACC’s “Top Speaker” in Spring 2019
  • Research Assistant for a forthcoming edition of the Berkshire Encyclopedia of Sustainability (Summer 2018)
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